Giving dream vacations to those who give us freedom

Vetcation provides a free week at a beautiful vacation home to all branches of active-duty military, veterans and their immediate families.

What's a Vetcation?

Generous vacation home owners are opening their homes to veterans and their families for a one-week vacation. Active-duty military, veterans, and immediate family of troops KIA can apply or be nominated to receive a free week at one of these vacation homes.

Step 1: Apply

Submit your application for a Vetcation before June 7, 2021

Step 2: Share

Share your application on social media

Step 3: Get a Vetcation

On May 28, 2021 our military family counsel will choose 10 applicants for a Vetcation

Vetcation's are given on a rolling basis

Apply now to secure yours before they're gone!


The people who dedicated their lives to keeping America safe rarely dedicate their time to themselves or their families. We’re on a mission to change that.

Veterans work more than the average American, but take less time to themselves. Vetcation is gifting those individuals and families a free week at a vacation home so they can take time away to improve their health, relationships, and mindset.

Who Gets a Vetcation?

All branches of active-duty military, veterans and their immediate families. Applications and nominations will be reviewed by our military family counsel who will then select Vetcation recipients based on need, service story, and achievements of applicant or nominee.

Check out a few of our Vetcation homes